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Winchester is located on the western edge of Camas Prairie, surrounded by Ponderosa pines. This former lumber mill town is home to a little over 300 people with almost 475 living in the zip code area.  Winchester is a beautiful access point for fishing, and camping at Winchester Lake State Park, a central location for those enjoying fishing, snowmobiling, camping, four-wheeling, hunting, and exploring the scenic Craig Mountains.

The city sits just off of US Highway 95 approximately 1/2 way between Grangeville and Lewiston.  With a great museum and community center, you will find the small town rich with history and welcoming to visitors.  Winchester’s major employers include Lakeside Residential Care, US Post Office and S and J Residential Care.

According to the Census Bureau’s On the Map, in 2011 there were 79 people commuting in to Winchester for work, 187 commuting from Winchester to other communities and a couple of people who both lived and worked in Winchester.

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