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Grangeville is the county seat for Idaho County.  It is home to app. 3,150 people with the surrounding area with an additional 2,325 in the outskirts of town bringing the zip code area to a population of 5,475+.  The outskirts of Grangeville have experienced impressive growth of over 19% since 2000.

The town sits on the cross roads of US Highway 95 and Idaho State Highway 13.  Just outside of Grangeville is the Idaho County Airport which provides air access into Grangeville and to the areas extensive recreation opportunities. Grangeville is home to Syringa Hospital and Clinics offering a wide variety of health services often only found in larger communities.  Mountain View School District is headquartered in Grangeville serving the community with an Elementary/Middle School and High School that pride themselves on providing Educational Excellence for All.

Grangeville’s major employers include Idaho County, Syringa Hospital and Clinics, Idaho Forest Group, Advanced Welding and Steel, United States Forest Service, Mountain View School District and Les Schwab Tires.

According to the Census Bureau’s On the Map:  In 2011, there were about 1,280 people who were employed in the Grangeville zip code (and of course most of those would be in the city limits or very close to the city limits) who lived outside the zip code area, so were commuting from Cottonwood, Kamiah, Elk City, etc.

There is always a time lag with the On the Map data, but given that Grangeville’s employment has increased since then, if commuters increased proportionately, there probably are about 1,350 people now.

~ Kathryn Tacke, Regional Economist, Idaho Department of Labor

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