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Riggins lies between the two deepest gorges in North America and rides the banks of the Little Salmon River and the famous Salmon River, the longest free-flowing river within the lower 48 states. Adventures east take you up the Salmon River to the “River of No Return” Wilderness, a name that the Indians used to warn Lewis and Clark; and also captured the spirit of Captain Guleke’s adventures in his one-way scow trips. Turn west and adventures take you to the Snake River and Hells Canyon. This spectacular setting makes an ideal home base to explore areas of recreation, history, and scenic beauty. Riggins has a population of around 430 people in the city limits and 300 outside the city limits bringing the zip code area population to 730.  Recreation and tourism are the main industries in the area.  The community is home to the Salmon River School District with an Idaho 5 Star Rated junior/senior high school and an elementary school.  At the furthest southern point of Idaho County, Riggins is located in the Mountain Time Zone, with the bridge just before Riggins as the dividing line between the northern portion of the state of Idaho in the Pacific Time Zone and the southern portion in Mountain. Riggins’s major employers include the Salmon River School District, Cloningers Hell’s Canyon Market Place, Salmon Rapids Lodge, and Salmon River Helicopters. According to the Census Bureau’s On the Map, in 2011 there were 216 people working in Riggins with 62 of those both living and working there and 154 commuting to Riggins from outside the zipcode area.  308 of the people living in Riggins were commuting outside the zip code area for work.

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