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White Bird

White Bird sits just off of US Highway 95 at the bottom of the decent from the Camas Prairie into the Salmon River Valley.  City limits include just over 100 people with an additional 465+ living outside city limits in the zip code area.  The population of the entire White Bird zipcode area is close to 575 and has grown by over 19% since 2000.

White Bird, Idaho is near the Salmon River, offering visitors and residents unparalleled year round outdoor adventure, expert outfitters, family fun, friendly lodging and many services, excellent private and public campgrounds, and exceptional vacation suites.

Major employers in White Bird include Hoots Cafe, Cook and Sons Construction, and Pineda Post and Poles.

According to the Census Bureau’s On the Map, in 2011 the White Bird zip code area employed 83 people of which 80 commuted to White Bird for work.  Traveling outside the area for work, 227 White Bird area residents commuted else where for employment.

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